Musiben Nano Acoustic Panels

Musiben Nano Acoustic Panels are sound absorbing panels developed with environmental friendliness in mind.The panels are made from 100% polyester and are 100% recyclable. Nano Acoustic Panels offer many advantages,such as:


  • Green and environmental friendliness: No discharge of formaldehyde, good for human and environment
  • Excellent sound absorption: NRC up to 0.8-1.10
  • Attractive finishes: pretty color options match color schemes
  • Fire resistance: Fire resistance is an option for increased security.
  • Structural strength: These decorative and acoustical panels are abuse resistant and are able to withstand the impact of thrown or kicked balls in gyms still retain their appearance.
  • Easy to install: They can be cut easily and shaped with standard woodworking tools.It is easy to install Nano panels in any shape wall and ceiling.
  • Lightweight:2 kilogram per square meter (2KG/m2) or 9.8 pound per square foot (9.8lb / ft2)

Musiben Nano Acoustic Panels


Musiben Nano Acoustic Panels also offer many environmental advantages over the traditional fiberglass sound absorption panel, such as:

  • Formaldehyde free
  • No odor
  • No risk of skin irritation
  • No risk of respiratory problems


Standard Unit Size

  • Lenghth*Width: 2420mm*1220mm ( 8' *4')
  • Thickness:9mm (0.35'')
  • Special sizes are available.


Musiben Nano Acoustic Panels are the ideal decorative wall and ceiling treatment for areas where sound and noise control are a consideration. Musiben decorative and acoustical panels are suitable for almost every application including use in auditoriums, conference areas, libraries, schools, offices, public buildings, or any area where acoustics, aesthetics, and value are a consideration.